Welcome to the home page of Bulgaria Discovered, a small business owned and run in the UK by Mariana and Simon Watts, which is dedicated to providing you with a base for a truly excellent holiday in Bulgaria. We currently have several holiday homes in the beautiful city of Veliko Turnovo and the area but also in different areas of the country. You can see them here.

About Bulgaria

The Republic of Bulgaria is situated in the south-east part of Europe and more precisely in the eastern part of the Balkan peninsula. To the north runs the Danube River which divides it from Romania, on the north-west it has a common boundary with Yugoslavia, and on the south-west with Macedonia. On the south-east it is contiguous to Turkey, and on the south-west to Greece. On the east the country is bounded by the Black Sea.
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About Veliko Turnovo

Veliko Turnovo is situated in the Balkan mountains near the centre of Bulgaria. Veliko Turnovo, capital of the Second Bulgarian Empire (1185-1393), is laced with history and offers wonderful scenery, historical and cultural interest, art, craft and tradition, unspoiled countryside, and a unique combination of the facilities of any modern city with a portal to a time when wildflowers filled the countryside and life moved at a more leisurely pace. The Lonely Planet Guide says of Veliko Turnovo "One of the most picturesque towns in Bulgaria, also known as the City of Tsars... Veliko Turnovo is one place you should not miss, nowhere is the majesty of medieval Bulgaria more apparent".

Veliko Turnovo is built on the steeply sloping banks of the twisting river Yantra, which flows north to join the Danube on its way to the Black Sea. Houses are piled one upon another up the hillsides, frequently 4 and 5 stories facing the river, and 2 on the other! The medieval city is the capital of an extraordinarily culturally diverse area, boasting evidence of a 7000 year history with Neolithic settlements, the Roman town Nicopolis ad Istrum, a rich medieval legacy, and many buildings from the Bulgarian National Revival period from the late 19th century. There is also a wealth of religious history in the area represented by the many monasteries and churches, often filled with priceless frescoes and icons, perhaps crowned by the astonishing little Church of the Nativity at Arbanassi (which is one of 30 things not to miss in the Rough Guide to Bulgaria), 3 miles from Veliko Turnovo (itself another of the 30 things).
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